A wedding!  A pending death!  Joy can be found in the smallest things.

Our darling Mickey’s grandson so wanted his granny to see him marry his beloved, they drove 600 miles and held the wedding at her rest home.

The staff sprinkled rose petals on the industrial gray carpet.  Costco flowers brightened the room as happy participants gathered together to witness the binding kiss.  Granny was able to hold her camera, and the muscle experience in her hands enabled her to snap a few photos.

When the ceremony ended, reality sunk in as granny got wheeled off to bed while the rest of us wiped away our tears and left for the night.

Of course the party moved to the house in town, where toasts were made and laughter rang through the eves.  But grandad sat afar from the celebrants, sipping his martini and staring at nothing.  How do you leave your wife of 65 years in a facility while the rest of the family broke bread together?

Sadness reigns in a home of newlyweds tonight.


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